Model WPS SR4

Model WPS SR4

316 Stainless Steel wetted components for corrosion resistance




  • High and low liquid level control; WP 1,500 psig to 5,000 psig
  • Float-actuated pneumatic switch for high or low level control or to operate control valves
  • Provides electric switch input for control systems, alarms and other switch operations
  • Use on production separators, heaters/treaters, scrubbers, liquid accumulators and process vessels
  • 316 Stainless Steel construction for use with most liquids or liquid interfaces
  • Low specific gravity of 0.4 and above
  • Direct mounting inside vessel or external float cage

Product Features

  • „316 Stainless Steel wetted components for corrosion resistance
  • Explosion proof certification by CSA to US and Canada standards
  • Single seal application approved
  • Hermetically sealed switch cartridge to protect integrity of switch contacts
  • SPST and SPDT switch cartridge in standard and light load readings


Materials of construction
316 Stainless Steel wetted components. Hermetically sealed reed switch

Working pressure
1,500 psig; available up to 5,000 psig; 1,500 maximum with manual override

-40°F to 392°F

Specific gravity
0.4 minimum; interface 0.1 differential minimum

Switch ratings
SPST and SPDT 205V – 0.04A resistive, 120V – 0.83A resis-tive, 24V – 3.0A resistive, 3.0A maximum in-rush capability. 4watts minimum for proper switching. SPST and SPDT light load 150V – 0.17A resistive, 110V – 0.23A resistive, 24V – 1.0A resistive, 1.0A maximum in-rush capability. 0.1 watts minimum for switching

Process connection
1 1/2″ NPT standard, 2″ NPT, ring bolt, 3″ flanged or larger

Electrical connection
1/2″ NPT Conduit